Seed Project Program

Building industry collaboration goes hand-in-hand with research collaboration in the NSW Space Research Network model of driving innovation through collaboration.

The SRN Seed Program has recently been revised to create greater opportunities for collaboration and impact, and to grow space industry capabilities within NSW/ACT.

Funds will be provided in three-stages to prime proof of concept projects that have the potential to lead to innovations and solutions that are well suited to leverage further R&D funding, and lead to technology transfer and commercialisation opportunities.

The Seed Program is delivered in three-stages:

Stage 1 – Ideation

  • Applicants identify an existing or emerging need in the space sector, and submit an application detailing a Problem Statement.
  • Applicants participate in an Ideation Workshop, with the aim of collaboratively generating ideas in response to the Problem Statement.
  • At the conclusion of the workshop, participants will have generated a series of ideas and potential solutions to the challenge identified in the Problem Statement.
  • Participants will review workshop progress and consider applying for Stage 2 funding.

The SRN will directly engage a third-party consultant to deliver Ideation Workshops.

 Funding is available to support approximately 25 stage 1 applications.

Funding:  up to $5,000 for Ideation Workshop Voucher

Total Funding Pool:  $125,000

Applications Open:  Friday 31 March 2023

Applications Close:  funding will be awarded until funding pool is exhausted

Stage 2 – Scoping

  • The SRN will invite successful Stage 1 applicants to apply for Stage 2 funding, to progress identified problems to scoping or feasibility study stage. 

Funding for approximately 8 applications is available.

Applicants seeking to enter the Seed Program directly at Stage 2 will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Status:  opening June 2023

Funding:  up to $30,000 per application

Total Funding Pool: $240,000

Applications Open:  to be confirmed

Applications Close:  to be confirmed

Stage 3 – Tender Preparation

  • The SRN will invite successful Stage 2 applicants to apply for Stage 3 funding, to progress projects to tender for larger funding programs.

Funding for approximately 3 applications is available.

Status:  opening December 2023

Funding:  $50,000

Total Funding Pool:  $150,000

Applications Open:  to be confirmed

Applications Close:  to be confirmed


  • Projects can be initiated by Industry or an Academic Researcher working in the space sector in NSW or the ACT.
  • All project applications must include at least one Academic Research partner from a SRN member University and at least one industry partner
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be registered as a company or trust
  • Proposed work should not substantially duplicate work with current or past funding support from Commonwealth, Australian State or Territory, or other sources.


Stage 1 applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Quality of Problem Statement and supporting evidence/research
  • Facilitation of new relationships and establishment of collaborative track record between Industry and Academic Researchers
  • Building relationships that lead to bids for larger funded projects that demonstrate a clear impact to satisfying an existing or emerging need in the space sector
  • Identified potential future funding opportunities
  • Potential capacity and capability of applicants to commercialise project IP
  • Team track record

How to Apply

  • Complete the application form
  • Email :

What happens next?

What happens next?

  • You will be advised of the outcome of your Stage 1 applications within 14 days of submission.


  • Successful Stage 1 recipients will be required to enter into a Participation Agreement.
  • Stage 1 – Ideation Workshops must be completed within 3 months of award.
  • A report detailing workshop outcomes and feedback on the program is due no later than one month after the Ideation Workshop end date.
  • Stage 1 recipients will be advised if they are invited to apply for Stage 2 funding.

Need Assistance?

If you are looking for assistance with introductions to potential industry or academic research project partners, please get in touch with SRN Business Development Manager, David Reynolds at

If you need assistance with your application or have any general questions, please email us at

Example Application


  • Mary Smith from AgSat Co has a problem she wants explore.
  • Mary does not currently have any academic researchers in her network to assist with this challenge.
  • Mary reaches out to SRN’s Business Development Manager, to discuss the challenge and request assistance with introductions.


  • Mary is introduced to Prof Linda Walker from the University of Newcastle and submits an application for Stage 1 – Ideation.
  • Their application is successful, and they liaise with the SRN team to schedule an Ideation Workshop. 
  • The SRN team introduces them to a third-party consultant to facilitate the workshop, and the team helps to arrange a date and venue and all necessary workshop arrangements.

Ideation Workshop

  • Mary brings a team of 3 colleagues and Linda brings a team of 2 colleagues. 
  • The facilitator works with the teams to collaboratively refine their Problem Statement and generate some potential solutions.
  • The teams work well together, and they refine the Problem Statement further and identify solutions that would benefit from further scoping or feasibility study.

Post Workshop

  • The team delivers a report to the SRN Team, and confirms that they would like to be considered for Stage 2 funding. The Problem Statement is developed into an application for Stage 2 funding to be supported by the SRN.