The SRN will develop and support a comprehensive strategy to grow the space research and industry capacity within NSW.  This will be achieved through a focus on supporting collaborative projects, knowledge exchange, educational opportunities and community outreach.  The Network will also contribute to the advancement of high-level STEM skills relevant to the Space sector through comprehensive support for HDR student involvement in collaborative projects with industry, short courses and internships targeted at leading national and international industry and space agencies.

Research Pilot Projects

  • Understand industry capabilities and needs in alignment with Australia’s space priorities identified in the Australian Civil Space Strategy 2019-2028 
  • Response to an existing industry problem or an unmet Space capability
  • Collaboration with at least two SRN Partner Organisations
  • Up to $150k available per project
  • At least one project will focus on Advanced Manufacturing related to the space sector in line with Federal and NSW Government priorities 
  • Pilot projects will form the basis of future funding submissions to the ASA, the Australian Research Council (ARC), SmartSat CRC, CRC-P and/or other R&D leveraged funding

Seed Projects

  • Key catalyst for collaboration between Space industry SMEs and academia is the provision of seed funding for early-stage proof of concept projects
  • Network funds to prime projects that have potential to lead to innovations and solutions suited to leveraging further R&D funding, technology transfer and commercialisation opportunities
  • Seed funding of up to $75,000 per project will be available on a competitive basis with matched funding from the industry partners

HDR Stipends and Internships

  • Develop highly skilled researchers who will contribute to the future Australian Space sector
  • Member Universities to commit HDR stipend funding, topped up with Network support
  • Space Industry Internship program within Space sector SMEs in NSW/ACT and with world’s leading space industry partners and Space Agencies
  • Exploit strong relationships with NASA, DLR, JAXA
  • Leverage well established program of internships at senior undergraduate, Masters and HDR level
  • Propose to have direct student-industry contact as assessment criterion for project funding

Networking And Outreach

  • Host regular technical seminars and workshops
  • Work closely with Business Events Sydney to target a major international conference in the 2023/24 timeframe
  • Annual exhibition and trade show to provide opportunities for SME partners to showcase space-related developments
  • Education and outreach activities
    • Short courses to connect industry partners and researchers focused on key research and development programs 
    • Areas of focus to include small satellite systems, remote sensing, RF/Communications/Antennas, telecommunications and extra-terrestrial robotic operations
  • Engage with news and media to promote STEM programs and delivery of flagship space related outreach
  • Web portal for curated access to NSW space activities